Hopper Vibrator

Prolong the life of your hopper with Hopper Vibrators.

Railside Car Shaker
Cross section of Hopper with Hopper Vibrator
Truck Vibrator Installation

Piston Vibrators

Piston Vibrators are widely used to facilitate trouble-free material flow from storage bins and hoppers. NAVCO Piston Vibrators are sized for the application and their area of influence is determined.

Rail Wagon Vibrators

These vibrators are used to enhance material flow in Rail Wagons / Cars, thus saving resources considerably as well as ensuring personnel safety.

Portable Vibrators / Foundry Vibrators / Special Vibrators

NAVCO’s various vibratory units improve efficiency of the plant due to their wide range of applications.

Rotary Vibrator

NAVCO’s Rotary vibrators provide high-frequency, directional and reliable vibration in multiple configurations.

Vibratory Equipments

These equipments help in boosting productivity of processes by reducing the cost of wastage.

NAVCO in Coal Plants

Improving flow efficiency in coal plants using NAVCO vibratory equipments.
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NAVCO India LLP is a Make in India Joint Venture between KJN Enterprises, an Indian company manufacturing Pneumatic import substitute products since 1982, in Mumbai, India and NAVCO which is based in Houston, USA. We offer Pneumatic Piston, Rotary Vibrators and Vibratory Aids. We follow NAVCO’s unique approach by which we study your material flow problems and use a proprietary bin-mapping method to suggest the most suitable solution to solve any bulk material flow problem.

NAVCO India LLP offers all kinds of Industrial Vibrators, Truck vibrators, Foundry vibrators, Vibratory flow aid systems and vibratory equipment such as Vibrating Tables and Railcar Shakers.

NAVCO INDIA LLP a MAKE IN INDIA Joint Venture between KJN Enterprises, India and National Air Vibratory Company (NAVCO), USA.

  • Hopper Vibrators

    Pneumatic (Air) Piston Vibrators effectively promote material flow by eliminating the formation of bridges and rat holes in storage containers.

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  • Railside Car Shakers (RSCS)

    Material which is stuck in the rail wagons & lost as carry back can be unloaded using permanently installed RSCS. This example show coal being unloaded using RSCS.

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  • Pipe Mount Vibrator

    Pipe Mount Vibrator system keeps your process moving by ensuring material flow through problematic areas of pipes.

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