Portable Vibrators / Foundry Vibrators / Special Vibrators

NAVCO’s various vibratory units improve efficiency of the plant due to their wide range of applications.

  • Extendovibe


    The NAVCO Extendovibe was designed as a vibratory solution for unique applications.

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  • Match Plate Vibrator

    Match Plate Vibrator

    NAVCO’s MP series vibrators are machined using ductile iron castings which enables the units to withstand high temperatures and prolonged usage.

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  • Flask Shakeout Vibrator

    Flask Shakeout Vibrator

    FR 4" on a Flask Shake-Out - for rapid "shake out" cleaning of flasks and pots and general knock out work.

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  • Vise Vibrator

    Vise Vibrator

    The FV Quick Clamp is ideal for use on cement forms, wooden forms, steel forms and core boxes.

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  • Electrostatic Precipitator Rapper

    Electrostatic Precipitator Rapper

    NAVCO pneumatic rappers set the industry standard for operational reliability, durability and overall dependability with a field proven track record in all climate conditions.

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