Rail Wagon Vibrators

These vibrators are used to enhance material flow in Rail Wagons / Cars, thus saving resources considerably as well as ensuring personnel safety.

  • BH Vibrators

    Railside Car Shaker (RSCS)

    The NAVCO Railside Car Shaker is a permanently mounted vibration system designed to speed the loading and unloading of bulk material from railcars. The high-amplitude / low frequency vibratory energy developed by the drive mechanism has proven most effective in producing positive and complete material movement.

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  • Over Head Car Shaker

    Over Head Car Shaker (OHCS)

    The NAVCO Overhead Rail Car Shaker is designed to facilitate unloading open top, bottom discharge hopper cars. It is a heavy-duty unloading system designed for the most difficult materials and in the most difficult conditions.

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  • LC-101


    NAVCO offers two different vibrator system solutions for Railcar rotary dumper systems. Both solutions utilize high amplitude, low frequency vibrations that assist in the removal of residual material ordinarily left in railcars while unloading in rotary dumpers. This optimizes freight dollars by reducing carry-back and also reduces labor costs associated with manually cleaning out the railcars.

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  • Image Format

    HCP Portable Railcar Vibrator

    NAVCO manufactures a complete line of portable pneumatic hopper car vibrators for railcar and other portable industrial applications. The NAVCO HCP railcar vibrator is designed to provide portable, reliable and effective performance in difficult applications and severe environments. The NAVCO HCP ensures railcar unloading is an efficient and safe process.

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